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The veil dance

The coquettish dancer reveals her deep blue eyes as her body sways into the room. She is covered in veils conceives her nudity and accents her beautiful elegant breasts. Who is this women is she some one I know? is she the daughter of the King or wife of the prince? We will never know? Not unless she gives into her modesty and removers her veil.

The veil dance with its following material and bright colours adds a sense flirtation to belly dance. The veil improves posture and strengths the arms. The veil is a piece of chiffon about 2.5 to 3 meters long. The veil was used in ancient times to cover the identity of the dancer. Belly dancing was the forbidden dance only for scandalous prostitutes. Women from good families that had to make a living from dancing covered themself with veils so they could not be identified.

Veils can be purchased from the Desert Princess at a reasonable price or you could bring something that you already have from home to clas


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