Some words from the Desert Princess: "I'm passionate about belly dancing and would like the opportunity to share that passion with others. Belly dancing is for everyone of every size and ethnic background and should be enjoyed stress free. There is no membership fee or commitment with Desert Princess, and it is pay as you go. I will teach at your level and you can grow at your own pace. You can experience belly dancing with friends or you can enduldge in private lessons without the inconvenience of structured classes. I've been dancing for the past six years; and have trained with Freddy's, I Dream, Badia Star and with Aziza in California. There are many different reasons to belly dance, and just a few are listed below.

  • Creative form of expression
  • Gives you feminine shape
  • Tonese increases flexibility, low impact cardio work out
  • Make new friends and join a sisterhood who share your interests
  • Experience a new culture
  • Belly dancing can help:

  • Release wedding jitters at bridal showers and stagettes
  • Experience something different
  • Get people dancing at parties
  • Memorable experience at a lifetime event like weddings
  • Attract more clientele to your business
  • Just a few more reasons for you to sign up today and get started!

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