Desert Princess does occasionally  perform for charities one per month they must follow guidelines below

1) all information date, time, location, address, and cost must be emailed 2 weeks in advance

2) must be open to the public anyone can attend

3) must be also an opportunity for students to perform as well

4) must identify what the charity is

5) must have a table avilable to set up for flyers and other promotional items

Organizing an event and don’t have time to plan entertainment have a Belly Dance Party (suitable for bridal showers, birthday parties or any other girls night gatherings) 15min performance in full dance costume. One hour of instruction of basic moves using veils and finger cymbals. (all music and supplies included)

Want to take Belly Dancing but can not accommodate class schedule? Private group lessons is the answer for you. Why? Because you are worth it. Host a lesson in your home or join another lesson in another home. The benefit is that you only pay for the lessons you attend. Taking lessons with friends is a fun way to spend girls night together. You will progress faster in a non competitive and supportive environment. Toronto, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill & Mississauga only extra charge for outside these locations

Need a costume for a costume party? Go as a belly dancer and use what you purchased in Dance class. chiffon hip scarves, chiffon veils, costumes, Belly Dance DVD’s

Just a few more reasons for you to sign up today and get started!