I have been  taking belly dancing lessions from Desert Princess for six months now and absolutely love it! It is a great workout for anyone looking to add a little exercise to their lives with music and dance.  My body has toned and  my breathing is better.  I definitely  look forward to each class.

Debra Turco

I just want to say how much I enjoy Desert Princess belly dancing classes.  As a beginner, I find the simplicity of the step by step instructions easy to follow which makes the classes fun.

I am really enjoying the class.  My resolution for this year was to excercise and eat right. 
Since I dislike working out, I find belly dancing so fun and less strenuous. 
Sometimes after work I'm really tired, but I come, learn the moves and then practise during the week. 
I like that we can go at our own pace.
I think that belly dance celebrates women of all body types and ages.
There is a fun and relaxed vibe in the class. 
Sometimes I confuse the names of the moves, but I think my shimmy is improving! 
Hopefully my schedule willl allow me to take the intermediate level.


Belly Dancing Experience With Stella the Desert Princess                                         January 7, 2006

I am a sixteen year old beginner belly dancer. I enjoy Stella’ class because it’s comfortable, fun, and I can get my cardiovascular work out for the day. Her class is comfortable because it is all and only women. The sexy middle eastern art of belly dancing also appreciates big hips and a curvy body- a woman’s body. Stella’s methods of teaching also make the environment a comfortable one. Belly dancing does have precise movement but is not as hard as I thought it would be. Stella is a patient instructor who makes sure everyone in the class is at the same level before moving on. She teaches the art to us making it as easy as possible-but while staying true to the art. I get a lot out of belly dancing and will continue taking it. I like the fact that I will be able to dance in this sexy ancient style of dancing, getting my workout and having fun at the same time. It feels like an investment that has paid off-big time.

Samantha Barrantes
16 year old beginner

Stella's classes are dynamic, fun, and a great workout!  She puts together unique group choreographies and sequences to help us practise our skills.  This can also help to prepare students for performances (if that is a personal goal).  Stella takes the time to observe and offer constructive feedback that is suitable to every individual's skill level and capability.  Her skills are excellent- she uses a combination of demonstrations, verbal and written instructions to help us understand and master the more difficult moves and combinations.  Desert Princess belly dance classes are a great opportunity to improve upon your fitness while enjoying the social interaction with your classmates!

:) Genevieve

In addition to learning the art of belly-dancing, Desert Princess' classes are always fun and provide a good workout.  Desert Princess is a patient teacher, makes everyone feel welcome and promotes positive interaction with her students.  This class is a great confidence booster ... no matter what your age, background or body type


Bellydancing is great exercise and fun for all ages.  I'm in my fifties and took the course with my daughter.  Bellydancing was especially good for firming my arms and strengthening my core muscles.  I liked how we did a warm-up at the beginning and a cool-down at the end of each class. The music and the sound of the coin scarves definitely added to the pleasurable experience.  Thanks Stella, I've enjoyed your class.

Judith Davidson

I have been taking classes with Stella for just over a year now.   As a novice, I was impressed with Stella's sensitivity to beginners.  Each movement is broken down and clearly explained, and the pacing of the class is appropriate to the student's level of skill and comfort.   The movements are woven into a dance routine that is rehearsed each session, improving your confidence and performance.  Stella's teaching style is easy going and inclusive.  I've enjoyed her classes at the intermediate and advanced levels, as well as her private shows and would highly recommend Stella to anyone looking for a belly dance intstructor or performer.

- Yvonne

RE: Theme lunch
Hi Desert Princess
I wanted to thank you once again for coming and showing us how to belly dance it was a lot of fun.
Thank you so much once again

Hilton Toronto

Thank you!
Hi Desert Princess
I just wanted to thank you again for coming last night to our bachelorette and teaching us belly dancing. We have a great time and it was a fabulous way to spend the evening. Everyone loved it! Thanks again,
Krista Volkmann :)

Thank you so very much for your participation today.

Hi Desert Princess

Once again our heartfelt appreciation for your presence today. It was great to have you amidst us for the kick-off..
On behalf of the committee I wish you all the very best of luck for all your future endeavors!!

cheers.../ Mahesh